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Property Managements's 

Duties & Responsibilities

Day-to-Day Administration


Meeting the Day-to-Day Challenge


Governing Boards which are charged with the responsibility to administer and manage the day-to-day affairs of the Community assign this task to the Community Manager.  As such, the Managing Agent must be available to respond to issues and concerns pertaining to the Community.  A working understanding of the Community’s Governing Documents including the Association’s Rules and Regulations as well as any operative Association Administrative Resolutions is necessary to allow the Manager to meet and respond to day-to-day challenges.  These challenges can range from simple rule violations to complex requirements suddenly imposed upon a Community by a Governmental Agency.  Whichever it is, Giaimo & Associates is ever available to assist Managers in meeting these routine and sometimes novel challenges. 


Property Managers are to at all times observe and maintain business like relations with all members of the Association.  Professionalism should be accorded to Unit Owners who make a request for service or voice a complaint involving the Association.  Service requests and complaints should be considered, acted upon, and recorded in a systematic fashion in order to show the action taken by Management. 


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