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Property Owner's Rights & Priveleges

Attending Board Meetings


Observing and Working With Your Board to Better Your Community


In New Jersey, all Condominium Unit Owners and members of a Homeowners Association have a right to attend meetings of the Association’s Governing Board in order to observe how the Board operates and makes decisions.  Although there is no State mandates that Unit Owner’s be permitted to participate in Board meetings, most Governing Boards do permit, when appropriate, Unit Owner involvement in discussions of the Board.  All meetings of the Governing Board except working sessions at which no binding votes are to be taken shall be open to attendance by all owners and adequate notice of these meetings must be given as prescribed in the Community’s By-Laws.  The Board however, can exclude or restrict attendance at meetings or portions of meetings when dealing with: any matter the disclosure of which would constitute and unwarranted invasion of individual privacy (such as Unit Owner’s delinquency, failure to comply with rules and regulations, a Unit Owner’s bankruptcy, etc.); any pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiations; any matter falling within the Attorney client

privilege; or any matter involving the employment, promotion, discipline, or dismissal of a specific officer or employee of the Association.


At each meeting, which is required to be open to the membership, minutes (records) are to be taken and copies of those minutes are to be made available to all Owners before the next open meeting.

An important distinction needs to be made between a meeting of the Governing Board and a meeting of Unit Owners.  In most Communities, an Association’s Governing Board is only required to hold one annual meeting of Unit Owners at which time typically the membership votes to elect Trustees.  The majority of all other meetings are usually meetings of the Board.


When Unit Owners attend and participate in meetings it is important that respect and courtesy be observed by both those Unit Owners in attendance and the Board.  No Unit Owner should be permitted to monopolize the discussion as that prevents other Unit Owners from being heard and may prevent the Board from completing its meeting agenda.  Please remember that the Trustees on your Board are your neighbors and have volunteered to serve your Community.

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