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Property Managements's 

Duties & Responsibilities

Manager & Attorney Relationship


Building Relationships for the Common Goal:

Improving The Community


The relationship between the Association’s Managing Agent and Attorney must be predicated upon faith and confidence in each other’s abilities to represent and service the Community.  Each Professional must respect the different role that each plays for the Association and each professional should appreciate the other’s perspective and opinions.  Managing Agents and Community Association Attorneys share one common goal, to do that which is in the best interest of the Community they represent. 


Property Managers and their Attorneys should be in constant contact regarding not only the Communities they service but should also share with each other trends and developments in the industry which they have observed.  It is important to stay on top of developments and trends so that this information can be shared with Communities and their Governing Boards.  Proactive communication (no matter the hour) between the Professionals and the Board can often prevent claims of breach of fiduciary duties and/or violations of the law. 


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