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Although charged with the duty to administrate and govern the Community according to the Association’s Governing Documents (Master Deed and By-Laws) and to enforce the express terms and conditions in those same documents, many Trustees require assistance from Counsel in interpreting these duties, terms and conditions. Unfortunately, most Governing Documents are taxing to read and difficult to understand.


We have been reading Governing Documents for over 25 years. We are able to not only interpret what is being stated but on account of our experience can put certain provisions contained in your documents into their proper context. We are able, in many instances, to ascertain the drafter’s intent when dealing with an entry in the document which might seem confusing or in conflict with another provision. A clear understanding as to each and every article, section, and subsection of your Governing Documents is necessary in order to allow the Board and the Communities Managing Agent to properly guide the Community.


We are able to provide the Board with opinions as to the Board’s authority to regulate in certain areas of Community affairs and as importantly, can advise the Board when they have or maybe exceeding their “scope” of authority. On account of this Firm’s dedication to Community Association Law, we can inform Trustees and Managing Agents when their documents are “out of step” with the significant improvements we have seen in the latest trend of Community Association Governing Documents.

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