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Your Community Association Partner.​
The Leader in Our Field


Giaimo & Associates was one of the first firms, not only in New Jersey, but on a National level to devote its primary attention to Community Association Law. Our firm has been representing community associations since the early 1980’s and ever since, we have fallen in love with the idea of helping Communities thrive and prosper.


Today, we have grown to be NJ’s leading firm in the representation of Community Associations.  Our attorneys and staff are widely recognized for their Community Association legal expertise and experience, and we strive to provide these expert and efficient services to our clients. The knowledge and expertise gained throughout the years has lead to a high rapport among communities and their professionals. 


Our firm currently serves as legal counsel for over 200 communities throughout New Jersey.  All of our Communities always receive prompt and personalized attention.  Our new user friendly, innovative website allows Board Members, Property Owners, and Property Managers to login, with ease, to their respective Communities and check status reports, make payments, and many more field leading advancements.  In an ever growing and changing Community Association field, Giaimo & Associates is always evolving into the best law firm for YOUR Community.


Assisting Your Community’s Day-to-Day Affairs


Giaimo & Associates knows how difficult it is to maintain and run a successful, thriving Community Association.  A Community Association starts from the top and is typically made up of Board Members. We know how difficult it is being a board member. We are here to help relieve you of that burden. We handle all facets of Community Association law, from Collections and Lien Foreclosures, to Contracts and Resolutions. We are here to assist you with every aspect of your Community. If you are looking for a Community Association partner, Giaimo & Associates is the firm for you.


Providing Expert Hands-on Guidance


Giaimo & Associates treats every Community Association we represent with personalized attention and the utmost care.  No Community Association is too large or too small. We represent Associations ranging in size from 5 to over 2,000 homes and units. They range from Condominium and Homeowners Associations, to Co-Op and Active-Adult Communities.  Each Association is different and unique in their own special way and Giaimo & Associates understands this.


Working Together to Improve Your Community


Recognizing that many individuals play a vital role in a community, our staff works to address the many specific needs of property managers, board members and homeowners who are dedicated to their communities. With our diligent hands-on attention to all Community Association needs, we strive to continually assist you with the improvement of your Community.


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