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Issues in Community Associations arise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Boards and Property Managers are faced with the daunting (and sometimes unreasonable) task of responding to these issues quickly and appropriately. We too, respond when requested around the clock. We know your day does not stop at 5pm and nor does ours.


We are here to provide help with the fire at 1:00am; we are there to assist you in dealing with and unruly membership meeting which is spiraling out of control at 10:00pm; we are always available in providing a reassurance to you that your Association’s insurance carrier will cover the extensive property damage caused by last night’s Nor’easter. We are with you “daily” because we are your Community Association Partner.



Various Areas of


Daily Operations


Giaimo & Associates... focusing primarily on Community Association Law.

​"Your Community Association Law Partner"


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