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Property Managements's 

Duties & Responsibilities

Site Management


Maintaining the Community’s Property


An important role to be filled by Management deals with maintaining the Association’s common element property.  The responsibility placed upon the Board to maintain the Association’s property falls squarely upon the Manager’s shoulders.  In maintaining the Association’s property the Managing Agent will be called upon to interact with the Association’s contractors and service providers.  Services provided to the Association should be set forth in a contract between the Association and the service provider.  Management typically, with Board approval, will arrange for these contracts and will be tasked with the responsibility of confirming a contractor’s compliance with the contract’s requirements.  In the event there is a deviation from the contract, Management should insist upon corrective action as a prerequisite to final payment.  Management not only assists with maintaining the Association’s property, but as well, and when necessary the repair and/or replacement of the Association’s property.


In Meeting Site Management responsibilities, a Managing Agent will perform periodic site reviews of the Community in order to report to the Board as to various site conditions.  This review will also include an observation as to Unit Owner compliance with restrictions contained in the Governing Documents and the Community’s Rules and Regulations.  Site reviews performed by Management should be recorded in a report to be shared with the Board when appropriate.       


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