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Your Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities


As a member of a Community Association you have various rights, privileges and responsibilities which are set forth in your Association’s Governing Documents.  In addition, there are applicable State statues and regulations which supplement and expand upon those rights, privileges and responsibilities.  Although there is fair amount of consistency in Community Association Governing Documents throughout New Jersey, you will always find variations which reflect the particular nature and character of each Community. 


All Community Association members are encouraged to read their Community’s Documents in order to fully understand what rights, privileges and responsibilities accompany membership in their Association.  This is an important step for all owners to take as it allows you to obtain a degree of comfort in knowing what your membership rights and responsibilities are and as importantly what your neighbors can expect from you.


In order to allow you some familiarity with some of rights, privileges and responsibilities, we have prepared for your convenience a few of the most common topics regarding the aforementioned. 



Property Owner's Rights & Priveleges

Rights & Responsibilites

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