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Property Managements's 

Duties & Responsibilities

Property Managers


Building Lasting Client Relationships


A successful and thriving Community Association stems from its Property Managing Agent.  In essence, the Managing Agent is the alter ego of the Community and its members.  A Managing Agent that can identify with its Community is able to, not only act for its client, but think for it as well.  It is essential that Property Managers fully understand the nature, temperament, and character of the Communities that they service so they can properly guide their Community into the future.  This is the cornerstone of building a long lasting and mutual satisfying Manager and client relationship.


Governing Boards and Unit Owners rely upon the Community’s Property Manager to provide responsive and concrete information regarding their Community.  Timely responses delivered in a professional manner go a long way towards fermenting trust and confidence in their Property Manager.  Over the course of time, this type of relationship will cement the Manager’s continuing role in the Community.  Answers to questions and requests for documentation must be truthful and accurate.  There will certainly be occasions where a Trustee and/or Unit Owners exchange with a Manager will be unpleasant, mean spirited, and hurtful; however, professionalism by the Manager must be observed at all times no matter how difficult the challenge can be.


Working With the Right Community Association Attorney


We are all too familiar with how difficult it is to provide day-to-day Management Services to your clients.  We understand and appreciate the inordinate amount of responsibility placed upon your shoulders and the tasks (which at times may seem overwhelming) that have been assigned to you.  We are here to help you meet your responsibilities and complete those tasks.  We do so with a thorough and keen understanding of Community Association Law and Management responsibilities.  After all, we have been doing this for over 25 years.


We are available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Community Association issues and emergencies do not take “holidays;” neither do we, nor the Property Managers we work with.  Although we have not seen it all, we have seen quite a lot over the course of time.  In most cases, when you call us we are able to provide you with a solid answer to your question or concern because, quite simply, we have provided that answer before.  Truth be told, many times we do not even need to do the research, as we have already done it, allowing us to give you an immediate and precise answer to your inquiry.


Your Community Association Partner


Vital and thriving Community Associations depend on a strong working relationship between the Association’s Management Company and the Association’s Attorney.  That relationship should be founded upon trust and confidence in each other’s abilities and in each other’s roles.  It is important that the Attorney and the Property Manager recognize and respect those roles.  Responsible Managing Agents recognize when an Association requires “help” from the Community’s Attorney.  When asked, we provide that “help” and more.  We have and continue to work with New Jersey’s most reputable, responsive, and professional Property Managing Agents.  Our relationship with these Management Companies have stood the test of time which bears testament to their faith in our abilities to represent their Community.  We are, in essence, their Community Association Partner.


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