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Living in a Community Association


Living in a Community Association can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.  You are now part of a collective of Home Owners who share your vision, that is to say, to live in a successful and thriving Community whose property is well maintained and whose values are stable and hopefully rising.  By working in concert with your neighbors and your Governing Board, you can help the Community achieve its goals.  Successful Communities thrive by having significant positive contributions from their members because after all, a Community Association is only as good as its

Property Owners. 


By having accepted a deed to your property, you have automatically become a member of your Association.  Membership in the Association carries with it various privileges, rights, and responsibilities.  Your neighbors also have the same privileges, rights, and responsibilities.  Among the rights you have, is to participate in the affairs of the Association by attending Board meetings and


Property Owner's Rights & Priveleges

Property Owners


casting ballots at the Association’s annual meeting to elect members to the Governing Board. The Governing Board comprised of volunteers, who by virtue of your vote, is vested with the authority and the responsibility to administrate, govern and manage the Community. The Board in practically every instance makes all decisions which impact the Community and the membership. The responsibilities placed upon the Board and the authority granted to the board is far-reaching and extensive.  However, the Board in making decisions and in utilizing its business judgment must make each and every decision in the over all best interest of the Community.


Expectations as a Property Owner


In becoming a member of the Community, you and your neighbors have agreed to abide by and comply with certain restrictions which pertain to the Community property and to your conduct.  These restrictions are set forth, typically, in the Community’s Master Deed and By-Laws and as a Property Owner, you are to abide by the Association’s Rules and Regulations.  You and your neighbors have a reasonable expectation that all members of the Association will abide by the Community’s restrictions and rules and in the event of noncompliance, the Board (elected by you and your fellow Home Owners) will seek enforcement.


Often times, when owners receive communications from a law firm, they are unsure of how to proceed, sometimes even fearful that nothing can be done or that “it’s too late.”  Active and continuing communication with your Board, your Managing Agent, and the Association’s Attorney is critical as it allows those who make the decisions on behalf of the Community to do so with full information provided by you.


Understanding Your Concerns


We at Giaimo & Associates, understand your concerns, and in turn have created this section which includes, inter alia, useful Property Owner information and a list of frequently asked questions, designed with the owner in mind.  Should you have further questions about your matter, and if your Association is represented by Giaimo & Associates, you may contact our Firm and we will attempt to resolve your situation in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.


Keep in mind that our firm represents Associations and does not provide legal advice to individual owners regarding their specific matter.  The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.  This information is generalized and not related to any specific set of circumstances.  Anyone obtaining information on this site should consult with an Attorney for legal advice.  If you would like legal advice, please contact your local state bar for a referral to an Attorney.

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