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The employment of Professionals to assist the Board in governing and administrating the Community and in maintaining the Association’s property is commonly a right provided for in the Association’s Governing Documents.  The engagement of qualified experienced Professionals is of paramount import and provides the Board and the membership with the requisite capability to discuss and resolve issues in a way that benefits the Community.  Commonly engaged professionals include; an Association Attorney; an Engineering Consultant; an Accountant; an Insurance Agent; and a Property Managing Agent; and others.  It is important that each of these professionals have years of experienced in providing guidance to Community Associations and preferably that their client base consists exclusively of Condominium and Homeowner Associations. Utilization of Professionals provides a measure of protection to a Board in as much as these Professionals typically have a policy of professional liability insurance to stand behind their opinions and work.  Experience over the years has clearly demonstrated that a Community’s membership greatly appreciates a Board that looks to its Professionals for help and guidance.   With over 25 years of Community Association experience, Giaimo & Associates has successfully worked with and maintained an uncompromising relationship with the State’s most respected Community Association Professionals.

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