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Board Member's

Duties & Responsibilities

Board Members


Why Choose Giaimo & Associates?


Our firm focuses exclusively on the representation of Condominium and Homeowner Associations. With our experience we have come to understand the intricacies associated with these entities.  Our firm has a keen working knowledge of the New Jersey Condominium Act (the “Condominium Act”), Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act (affecting Homeowner Associations), as well as New Jersey case law that impact the operation and governance of an Association.  A Governing Board displays sound business judgment by selecting a firm to represent its Association who understands this complex and dynamic area of law.


Board Members are an integral and crucial part of a Community.  Giaimo & Associates understands the effort and time that you, as a Board Member, devote to your Community.  We are here to assist and support you in your role.  As devoted leaders in your Community, you are often called upon to make daily choices and you can look to us to provide you with the information and details required to make and informed, confident, swift, and accurate decision.  We share your goals: making your Association a harmonious, balanced, and strong Community.


Minding Your Money


Many times Association Boards may be responsible for millions of dollars in handling the day-to-day affairs of the Association.  Given this enormous fiduciary responsibility, Association Boards must collect assessments in a timely, systematic manner.


The financial position of the Association has a direct and substantial effect on every member.  Without adequate funds, the Association cannot meet its obligations to provide the maintenance and services mandated by the Community’s governing documents.  Poor maintenance of the common areas and units can diminish property values over time.


Collection problems can stem from a misunderstanding that might be settled easily.  Simple, direct, and repeated communication with the owner is the most effective means to facilitate collections.  Understanding fosters cooperation, and cooperation means a less time-consuming collection effort.  We pursue all authorized legal remedies to collect fees owing to the Association including multiple communications with the unit owner and communication with the owner’s mortgage lender, before resorting to filing a civil action.


A good working rapport with the Board and the Association’s Property Managing Agent helps us keep track of all due dates and deadlines so as to ensure a clear and uninterrupted flow of information thereby producing cost-effective and expedient results.


Our congenial staff works effectively to recover unpaid assessments from non-compliant unit owners as well as reimbursement of fees and costs incurred.  As a dedicated Community Association law firm, our hands-on and proactive approach has proven successful in recouping monies owing to the Association.  Our success rate has been noted throughout New Jersey and is evidenced by the number of Community Association clients we represent and the millions of dollars we have collected through the years.

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