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The Board of an Association is responsible to employ reasonable measures to make the Community reasonably safe and secure.  Neither an Association nor its Governing Board is responsible to guarantee that the Community’s property is safe or that a Unit Owner’s home and personable property will not be the target of criminal conduct.  All that is required of an Association’s Governing Board is to take reasonable measures in response to information and knowledge possessed by the Board.  Measures to enhance safety and security may include; restricting access to and from the Community (gated entry, electronic card access); installation of video surveillance cameras; employment of security personnel; neighborhood watch and a good working relationship with local law enforcement. Unit owners should be reminded in Board communications to utilize common sense and to be vigilant in the security of their home and person.  Giaimo & Associates has worked with Governing Boards and Communities who have had safety and security concerns.  As daunting as some security concerns can be, we are to help you address and enhance the safety and security of your Community.

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